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Promote training by competition and improve the skill level of employeesBaosteel holds the first Industrial Robot Skills Competition [ 2019-06-21 ]

In order to conscientiously implement the overall goal of promoting the "Four Uniformities" of intelligent manufacturing and continuously improve employees'knowledge of intelligent manufacturing and operation and maintenance skills, Baosteel held the first Industrial Robot Application and Maintenance Skills Competition on the theme of "Intelligence, Smart and Enjoyment" on June 18, forty-eight athletes from Baoshan, Qingshan, Dongshan, Meishan and Baosteel International stood out from 211 competitors and entered the final stage. They also competed with industrial robots to show their elegant skills.


In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent equipment in manufacturing industry, more and more intelligent devices have been successfully developed and applied to various manufacturing lines, which greatly improves the manufacturing efficiency, and the manufacturing line has gradually become the target choice of many enterprises. As one of the benchmarking enterprises in the steel industry, the application of intelligent equipment is more and more extensive, such as the application of unmanned driving, industrial robots and manipulators, on-line monitoring and diagnosis, etc. The application of industrial robots is an important part of the application of intelligent equipment in Baosteel.


Earlier this year, at the site meeting of Smart Manufacturing in Shaoguan Iron and Steel Group, the group company put forward the overall promotion goal of "all operating rooms are centralized, all operating posts are robots, all operation and maintenance are remote, all service links are online", which indicates that the group company will accelerate and continue to promote the application of intelligent equipment, and make every effort to promote the progress of smart manufacturing. As an important part of intelligent equipment, industrial robots will further expand the application space in the manufacturing line with the continuous development of its functions. Up to now, the production operations of Baoshan, Qingshan, Dongshan and Baosteel International production lines have been replaced by industrial robots, which has improved the standardization of production operations and production efficiency. There are 404 sets of industrial robots (manipulators) in use in Baosteel, including 129 sets in Baoshan Base, 33 sets in Qingshan Base, 53 sets in Dongshan Base, 41 sets in Meishan Base and 148 sets in Baosteel International.


In order to strengthen the training of intelligent personnel and lay a solid talent foundation for better promoting intelligent manufacturing, Baosteel has made clear the general plan for the training of intelligent personnel for the period of 2018-2023. In the next five years, 1000 intelligent equipment maintenance personnel, 100 data analysis core personnel and 100 . Intelligent project development core talent team will be formed. In order to ensure the realization of the overall goal of cultivating intelligent talents, Baosteel Union, Human Resources Department, Equipment Department and Talent Development Institute jointly planned to form a training mechanism for intelligent manufacturing talents through post redesign, starting from "process and section integration, high-end compound talents supplementation, unmanned factory, and collaborative sharing". Training work focusing on industrial robots and on-line monitoring will be carried out. Competitions on the application and maintenance skills of industrial robots will be organized to promote training and constantly improve the skill level of employees.


On the scene of the competition, Chen Jiayuan, from Chengdu Baosteel Automotive Steel Parts Processing and Distribution Company, is fully involved in the industrial robot skills competition. Six laser tailor welding and cleaning machine robots were put into operation in his work area, which put forward higher requirements for improving the skill level of production operation and equipment spot checking staff. Through participation and training, his knowledge and understanding of intelligent manufacturing were further improved, and the related programming and commissioning technology was preliminarily mastered, so as to return to work. The district has laid a solid foundation for better participating in the one-key automation transformation of blanking production line launched in the second half of the year. Li Chenggang, an employee of equipment room of Qingshan hot rolling mill, said that through intensive training and exchange of skills competition, he broadened his horizon and grasped the principles, maintenance, programming knowledge and skills of on-site industrial robots preliminarily. After the competition, he will bring the knowledge and ideas learned back to the front line and share with employees, so as to better promote in-depth intelligent manufacturing of Qingshan 2250 Hot Rolling line..

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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